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I spent this evening reading Captain Trips, the first arc of Marvel's Stephen King's The Stand. Now, I love the novel and was incredibly dubious about the transition that something so dense and detailed could possibly make to a simplified format like a comic book, but so far I've been pleasantly surprised.

That said, I wonder if I'm not just enjoying it because I have read the novel. I'm not at all unbiased. I can't tell if the comic is good as a standalone, or if it only makes sense to me because my Stephen-King-soaked hippocampus can fill in the multitude of little bits that aren't there. In that respect, it's rather like a graphic companion to the book instead of a work of its own, and I don't know if that's what was intended. It's incredibly sparse compared to the source, I really can't see someone becoming attached to the characters if this is their only exposure to the story. There's just so much there, and I don't know if the jumping-around style of narrative prose (focusing on one character, then rapidly shifting to another) works with the comic so well as it worked in the text.

So basically I can't decide if it's good or not. I think it's good, but I don't know what someone unfamiliar with the source would make of it. I like it. I hope it gets more people to read the book.

(The art, incidentally, is fabulous. I have absolutely no complaints about the visual elements. Many of the settings and characters are very close to what I saw in my head the first time I read The Stand, especially the astonishing portrayal of Flagg. Mike Perkins has totally knocked it out of the park and I'm going to pick up some of his other work.)
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